ArmedConflictLocation List

Id Latitude Longitude Country Geo Name Id Description
5,787,490 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia Street vendors staged a demonstration in central Borama after police and municipal council workers tried to evict them from the main market on 13/04. The traders reportedly stoned the police. The operation was launched after the vendors left areas allocated to them and returned to centre of the town where they had been previous evicted from. Police used teargas and live bullets to disperse the vendors. Four people were injured.
5,795,714 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia A large number of people staged a demonstration in central Borama on 14/12. The demonstrators were protesting against the deployment of Somaliland army in Borama to arrest a traditional leader who reportedly mobilized a clan militia to fight Somaliland government. Police shot in the air to disperse the demonstrations. They also arrested 14 demonstrators. Police also arrested two councillors who were involved in the protest.
5,803,629 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia Sultan Wabar's militia abducted a local businessman travelling from Ethiopia and heading to Borama on 21/09. The militia group reportedly accused the businessman of spying for the Somaliland government.
5,802,435 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia A Somaliland soldier shot and killed another solider and seriously injured a major in Borama in the morning of 11/08. The motive is currently unknown. Other soldiers managed to arrest the perpetrators
5,795,291 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia A local journalist is believed to have been kidnapped and take to a location near the Ethiopian border.
5,795,213 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia Residents of Borama staged a demonstration in front of Borama police station on 01/12 in protest against the arrest of the town's former mayor. The protesters burnt tires and damaged a number of business premises. Police shot in the air to disperse the demonstrators. They also arrested 14 protestors.
5,797,451 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia Militiamen loyal to Sultan Wabar (the rebel traditional leader) attacked Somaliland forces near Qulujeed Village (Borama District) in the morning of 10/02. The two sides exchanged heavy gunfire for about 20 minutes after the militias withdrew. One Somaliland soldier was injured. Somaliland forces reportedly captured one militiaman.
5,797,527 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia A group of people staged a peaceful demonstration in protest against the Sultan Wabar and his militias in Qulujeed Village (25km NW of Borama) on 13/02. This demonstration came after an armed clash between Somaliland army and the militias loyal to the Sultan in the village on 10/02. The demonstrators cautioned Sultan Wabar and his militia to desist from attacking the village.
5,786,536 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia A group of traders staged a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Finance office in Borama on 21/03 protesting against new tax increment on imported goods. No security incident was reported.
5,785,275 9.93869 43.18392 Somalia Around 40 persons demonstrated in front of a compound of a local mining company in Boon (Borama District) on 15/02 to protest against perceived unfairness in the allocation of jobs to members of different sub-clans by the company. Borama police forces forcefully dispersed the protesters and arrested around 35 of them.